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Why Sponsor?

Your decision to support the Central PA Rodeo is also a decision to invest. Sponsoring a well-attended, family-oriented, regionally-unique event, like the Central PA Rodeo, is an investment in both your business’ positive growth and our cause, which has measurable effects that are mutually beneficial.

Let’s talk about you. Corporate sponsorships are a perfect amalgamation of self-promotion, differentiation, increasing internal efforts for top-of-mind awareness, positive PR and an opportunity to earn market share by influencing your competitors’ customers’ buying habits.

Let’s talk about us. You know the adage, “Give a man a fish… teach a man to fish…” Your corporate sponsorship dollars are one thing you can do to help our region sustain itself now and into the future by helping us produce an annual, moneymaking, regional attraction. Profits from the rodeo help non-profits organizations in our region and will help make this only one-of-a-kind event a growing annual attraction.

What are the Benefits?

What do you need your investment to produce? To make these corporate sponsorships mutually beneficial, cookie-cutter packages don’t work. You tell us who you want to reach, what you need, where you need to be, and we’ll work hard to meet those needs and exceed them. Again, we understand that when other businesses in our region thrive, we all thrive

Sponsorship Packages

There are a number of distinct levels of sponsorship packages for regional businesses. Please view the PDF below for this year’s pricing.

Central PA Rodeo Sponsorship packages (PDF)

Contact Our Sponsorship Development Team

If you have questions regarding your sponsorship, file format, ad size or the event itself, please call St. Matthew Catholic School at (814) 684-3510 or email

Questions regarding vendor pricing or locations? Please email